Muscle Stimulation

Nine Reasons Athletes Benefit from Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy

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Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy is a method of training your muscles differently than workouts can. It is an augmentation technique used by many athletes to generate muscle contractions. EMS maximizes muscular effort and provides improved fitness results.

Research has confirmed that EMS works.

Electrical muscle stimulation therapy is supported by encouraging results regarding strength development and performance improvements.

When used with proper settings, timings, frequencies, and measurements, optimal results can be reached.

EMS is a good pre-workout warmup.

Muscle stimulation increases the temperature of the muscles by increasing blood flow to those muscles. Muscles warm up very rapidly with muscle stimulation in lieu of a normal fifteen-minute pre-workout warmup that could tire out the muscles.

EMS delivers a clean, complete muscle contraction.

Using EMS, athletes can contract a muscle group more completely and cleanly than by lifting weights. It avoids the unimportant and works directly on the muscle to achieve a complete contraction. By using the right stimulation frequencies, the muscles that need to be contracted can be targeted more easily.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy

EMS causes enhanced performance.

Enhancing performance is one of the main goals of most athletes. EMS permits nourishment to flow to the muscles more quickly, and the healing and recovery process is faster.

EMS brands more intelligent coaches and therapy specialists.

EMS allows you to identify problems linked to exhaustion and injury to the nervous system. Strength training and weight lifting alone will not usually restore injured muscles. Muscle injuries harm the connections between the mind and the body, which disturbs the brain. EMS can restore those networks and let exhaustion and injury to be overcome. Coaches and athletes are taught that when the muscles are fired more proficiently, they will be more relaxed and the pain will be lessened.

It enhances muscle strength and density.

EMS allows you to more competently prioritize your time with which muscle groups need to be stimulated for the maximum benefits possible. Since EMS forcefully contracts the muscles, muscle exhaustion and mental tiredness can be avoided.

It facilitates muscle recovery.

There are times when busy athletes may not have the time for recovery and renewal procedures. When this occurs, EMS is very valuable. Athletes can take the EMS units home and apply them anytime or when taking long airplane or car rides. While better-conditioned athletes will respond more efficiently, higher levels of current can be used on those who are not in the best shape. The current strength can be maneuvered for optimal recovery depending on the athlete’s needs. Faster paces can be upheld without muscle exhaustion.

Transportable EMS devices are convenient.

EMS devices are comparable in size to an iPhone, which makes it very convenient for traveling. You can keep them in your pocket or your gym bag and use them at any time. Not only are they compact, but they are also user-friendly, non-addictive, and cost-effective.

EMS provides performance-boosting workouts.

The EMS device allows additional resistance to be added to the muscle without having to perform weight lifting only, which can tire out the muscles and cause strain on the joints.

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