Is It Safe to Crack Your Back?

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One question often asked by those who seek chiropractic care for back pain is whether or not it is safe to crack your back. Most of us sometimes feel that we need to twist or bend our bodies until we hear a popping sound in our joints. However, didn’t your grandmother always tell you that cracking your back could cause you serious damage?

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As providers of chiropractic care for back pain in West Bloomfield, MI, we’re well placed to answer that question once and for all. While cracking your back technically isn’t going to cause you lasting damage, if you do it routinely, you’re asking for trouble.

Surely, the Popping Sound Must Be a Bad Sign?

It probably isn’t surprising that your grandmother told you that cracking your back was going to cause you severe harm. After all, the popping sounds produced can be extremely alarming. However, the good news is that, even though you may hear a crack, nothing is breaking inside your body. Human joints contain gases and fluids such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. When your joint comes under force, and the liquid inside it experiences undue pressure, the gas is forced out, making a popping sound.

Habitual Self-Adjustment—The Dangers

It’s important to note that while cracking your back (or any other joint) once or twice won’t result in any lasting harm. However, self-adjusting or cracking your body’s joints will eventually cause damage if you do it habitually. It is because the joints are made up of soft tissues, tendons, and ligaments which wear out with time. If you place undue stress on your joints, they will break down prematurely.

Is There an Alternative to Cracking My Back?

Many people crack their back as a way of alleviating tension in their spine. However, there is a better alternative.

A safer (and more pleasant) way to stretch your tight back involves getting into a warm shower. Then, gently stretch out your back by flexing forward, extending backward, and bending sideways. If you seek out chiropractic care for back pain, your practitioner may also offer you helpful advice on steps to take to alleviate spinal tension so you can avoid causing yourself long-term problems.

If you feel a constant need to crack your back, there could be an underlying condition which requires treatment. The best solution is to visit a specialist in chiropractic care for back pain in West Bloomfield, MI. Your chiropractor may be able to determine the cause of the problem and offer the most appropriate treatment.

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When a skilled professional chiropractor manipulates the joints and spine, he can apply the right amount of pressure and use the exact amount of control necessary to relieve pain and improve mobility safely. For best results, attention may be given to the joints and the surrounding tissues when suggesting suitable stretches and exercises for relief of back pain.

It is always wise to seek out professional help rather than try to resolve your back issues yourself. Without skilled manipulation, you could end up causing yourself more harm than good. The result could also be a long-term joint pain in your spine that may take longer to treat.