How a Chiropractor Can Help with Muscle Strains in Your Lower Back

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Struggling with lower left back pain and not sure why? Dealing with pain and strain in lower back muscles can add a lot of extra challenge to everyday activities, making simple actions like carrying a child or performing work duties seem like Herculean tasks. Many problems can be caused gradually through repetitive strain, but then lead to injury and muscle problems which have knock-on effects.

On top of that, it’s sometimes hard to know what to do to make the pain go away. Even when it comes to stretches and exercises, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s helping and what’s hurting. Fortunately, Michigan Chiropractic Specialists offer highly qualified care at each stage of dealing with lower left back pain. This means you can work through pain effectively and get back to living more quickly.


With locations in Garden City, and West Bloomfield, Michigan Chiropractic makes scheduling diagnostic visits easy.

Once there, a specialized chiropractor can help you sift through medical labels and get to the bottom of the root cause of pain.

Are you dealing with:

  • Sciatica?
  • A herniated disc?
  • Muscle tearing or sprains?
  • Connective tissue problems?
  • Or something else?

Even with problems in a specific spot, like lower left back pain, it can be difficult to determine the cause without professional help. However, once you’ve received a professional diagnosis, you can safely and confidently begin to work with your chiropractor to determine the best line of treatment and to build a structured care protocol.

In-Office Chiropractic Treatment

One of the biggest benefits provided by chiropractors happens in the office. Chiropractors can:

  • Guide you through stretches and exercises.
  • Help prevent further illness or injury.
  • Adjust the spine to alleviate pain and allow faster healing of surrounding muscles.
  • Determine if back pain is related to other issues.
  • Help improve posture.
  • Improve joint function and mobility to make everyday actions and injury-specific exercises and stretches easier.
  • Provide a calm, supportive environment.
  • Help decrease pain.
  • Offer advice on vitamins and supplements that help support healing and general health.

Care Protocols

The chiropractors at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists can help design lower back pain treatment protocols that are safe and tailored for the root cause of a patient’s condition. By walking you through professional explanations of exercises and stretches, chiropractic care helps you to avoid further injury.

For example, specific sciatica stretches, or herniated disc exercises can help patients work through injuries more efficiently than they might otherwise be able to. A chiropractor can also help older patients learn and perform exercises that might seem intimidating but can provide great benefit. For the youth athlete, chiropractic care can help a child learn beneficial habits and injury prevention that will contribute to spinal and overall health for the rest of their lives.

Continual Reassessment

Chiropractic care provides regular assessment and patient monitoring. This guides patients as they continue to perform exercises and treatment protocols. It also means that, if any other problems were to arise in the lower back as the patient moves through life, chiropractors can quickly recognize, treat, and even help prevent future lower back pain. Regular visits and the general upkeep of patient health is essential to not only thoroughly treating pain but is extremely useful in helping to prevent future problems, conditions, and injuries.

Final Thoughts

Imagine how well-rounded, holistic chiropractic care can improve health, well-being, and mobility. Chiropractic care can help patients work through pain more quickly and get back to everyday activities they enjoy.