Chiropractic Treatment for Osteoporosis

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Our bones are living tissue. The way we treat them can either improve their health or cause deterioration. Back pain chiropractors see multiple patients every day who suffer from osteoporosis-related back pain. The pain is both preventable and treatable when you are willing to take control of the condition.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the name of a disease that causes our bones to lose density. The loss in density causes bones to be weaker and more brittle than they should be.

Our body breaks down and replaces bone tissue continually. This is the normal, healthy way to regenerate our bones. Osteoporosis breaks down the bones at a faster rate than our body can regenerate it, resulting in the loss of density.


Brittle bones can fracture more easily, even to the extent where minor bumps, falls and even bending down could cause fractures. The more advanced the osteoporosis, the weaker the bones are.

Am I at risk?

Osteoporosis is a prevalent disease in adults, and the most commonly affected bones are those in the spine, hips, pelvis, femur, and wrists.

Although the disease affects both women and men of all ages, postmenopausal women are at a higher risk because of the spikes in estrogen that occur during menopause. There is also a positive link between the disease and genetics, hormone levels, lack of exercise, and a lack of protein intake.

Back pain one is one of the first noticeable signs that you may have osteoporosis. Back pain is not a symptom of the osteoporosis but is a physical sign that the weakened vertebra cannot handle the stress and strain of normal movements. The pain you feel is generally a result of a collapsed or fractured vertebra – a common side effect of a weakened spine.

Chiropractic and Osteoporosis

Chiropractic care can help improve the health of our bones and minimize osteoporosis symptoms.

Our back pain chiropractors in Garden City, MI will customize a treatment plan based on your current bone strength condition. The plan will incorporate a combination of chiropractic therapies. The combination will include chiropractic adjustments, dietary supplements, relaxation techniques, and bone-building exercises.

Advanced osteoporosis will benefit from a gentler approach of soft tissue chiropractic techniques, which will increase as your bone strength improves.

Chiropractic combinations

The combination of techniques works together to increase your bone density, bone strength and range of mobility.
Chiropractic adjustments stimulate osteoblast cells, which are responsible for bone tissue replacement. The stimulation helps speed up the rate at which bone tissue is replaced. This type of spinal manipulation can help prevent osteoporosis and help reverse it. The adjustments improve your nervous system, joint movement, and bone strength.

At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we assess your current bone strength before we start with an adjustment routine. We understand that bones are fragile and fracture-prone when you have osteoporosis. This is why our spinal manipulation and exercises are gentle and specially designed for a fragile state. We may need to modify the adjustments as the density of your bones improves.


The exercises we recommend will increase muscle strength, increase your overall mobility, improve stability, and help prevent falls.

You will also receive a supplement intake plan, which uses a combination of Vitamin D, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Your unique supplement plan will depend on your age, current condition, and fracture history.