Chiropractic Management of Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

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Women around the world can attest that the physical challenges and changes associated with pregnancy are often painful. The physiological and endocrinological changes that take place to accommodate the growth of an embryo can spawn a lengthy list of unpleasant side effects, with one of the most common being back pain.

Many expecting mothers seek chiropractic care for back pain. Chiropractic care provides not only a gentle and non-invasive form of treatment to relieve pregnancy-related back pains, but can also help position the baby in utero, as well as assist with postnatal pain, among other benefits.



Hormones are typically the culprit when discussing any pregnancy-related discomfort, and back pain is no exception. During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is secreted that is meant to “relax” or soften the pelvis to accommodate the growth of the baby. While relaxin helps to prepare the uterus for labor, it can also allow bones to move or shift and sometimes impose on the sciatic nerves exiting the spinal cord. This can lead to irritation around, above, and below the area.

Weigh Gained and Back Pains

Although weight gain is to be welcomingly expected during pregnancy, the impact on the mothers back can be intense. Essentially, as the woman’s uterus expands to house the growing fetus, the accompanying frontal weight pulls the center of gravity forward. This, in turn, forces the lower back to accommodate for the extra weight. This perfect storm leads to back pains being born before the baby.

Poor Posture

Changes in hormones and weight gain are unavoidable contributors to pregnancy-related back pain. Another common contributor to back issues in pregnant women stems from poor posture. The uncomfortably that arises during pregnancy causes many to seek temporary relief by placing their bodies in problematic positions. Certain items of furniture once thought of as the epitome of comfort like couches, recliners, and even waterbeds can aid in shifting of backbones, among others.

Chiropractic Care Solutions

Though many seek the assistance of over-the-counter (OTC) medication to alleviate the discomfort caused by pregnancy-related back pain, alternatives do exist.

Chiropractic care is a safe, drug-free and non-invasive alternative. The chiropractic management of pregnancy-related back pain involves the maintenance of the spine, discs, related nerves, and bone geometry without drugs or surgery. Through the adjustment of the various interworking’s associated with the spinal column, chiropractors help to reduce nerve stress.

Because pregnancy-related back pain is not easily treated through many other means, all chiropractors are trained to work with women who are pregnant. Some specialize in prenatal and postnatal care helping to assist expecting mothers in increasing comfortability throughout their pregnancy.

These specialists use their certifications and advanced designations to help adjust a woman’s body for birth by employing specialized techniques. Many go as far as advising patients of prenatal and postnatal exercises that decrease discomfort and promote improved health.


Chiropractic care may benefit pregnancy-related back pain, but it is not the only benefit pregnant women can gain from seeking a specialist. Chiropractic Care can potentially assist in controlling nausea symptoms, help create a healthier pregnancy, reduce the time of labor and delivery, and of course alleviate other high-tension areas such as the neck.