Chiropractic Leg Pain Therapy

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Leg pain syndrome presents itself in a multitude of ways from overuse to injuries in joints and bones. We ask our legs to do so much throughout the day. Therefore, it’s no surprise leg pain affects most people at some point in their lifetime.

Affected areas include the thighs, knees, hamstrings, calves, shins, and feet. Without proper leg pain therapy, these discomforts can worsen and develop into a long-term issue, which in severe cases require surgery.

Leg Pain


Causes of leg pain vary depending on a persons’ lifestyle. It can be the result of poor biomechanics, spinal bone misalignments or subluxations, and disc problems. These issues may require therapy in different areas of the body on top of leg pain therapy to address the root of the issue.

Leg Pain Syndrome can be a result of nutritional deficiencies and dehydration leading to muscle cramps. If nutrition is the root of your problem, at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we offer excellent Nutritional Counseling.

For those with an active lifestyle, Leg Pain Syndrome may be due to an injury to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints. Muscle strains and Muscle Fatigue are also common types of leg pain found among athletes.

When to Seek Treatment

If your leg pain is affecting your ability to do everyday activities, you should organize leg pain therapy. The lower part of our body is asked to carry heavy loads, bend, jump, twist, stretch, and do so much more throughout our daily lives. If you ignore persistent pain, you could be doing more damage.

Some may seek out the help of pain medications, but those mask your discomfort instead of addressing the underlying issues. Chiropractic work can alleviate your Leg Pain Syndrome, so you can move on with your life and keep doing the activities you love.

Leg Pain Syndrome


The first step in treating leg pain syndrome is to identify what type of pain you are experiencing. From there, our specialists at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists can determine which treatment plans are best for you.

Treatment varies depending on the stem of your problem. If it is an alignment issue, your chiropractor will assess any damage and issue adjustments accordingly. This process involves looking at posture, discussing how you sleep, and proper walking techniques.

For sports-related pain, you need a combination of pain relief care involving massage, adjustments, heat, ice, and NSAIDs or pain medication. After the pain is addressed, our chiropractors will then go through a comprehensive stretching and strengthening program for you to ensure a full recovery from your leg pain.

If a herniated disc is suppressing the spinal nerves, disc degeneration, arthritis, or subluxations your leg pain therapy may need to be focused on the spine. Alignment issues in the spine are often treated with spinal traction therapy which provides relief not only to the back but other areas of the body, too.

At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists we will not only provide short-term relief but will give you a plan to prevent Leg Pain Syndrome from returning in the future. Do not let Leg Pain Syndrome get in your way of living life to its fullest.