6 Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Once thought of as only for the wealthy to be pampered at a spa, more people now recognize the healing techniques for massage therapy as a part of their health routines.

According to a 2017 survey by the American Massage Therapists Association, 43 percent of consumers cited medical reasons were the primary cause of receiving massage therapy and 29 percent cited relaxation and stress reduction, compared to only 14 percent for pampering.

Massage Therapy

1 Stress Relief

Many people find the relief from stress to be a major benefit of massage therapy. Because stress can cause or attribute to many health problems, finding ways to relieve stress naturally is a significant boost to your overall health.

The healing techniques of massage therapy can help to lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is now a well-known stress hormone that has been linked to many health issues including weight gain, sleeplessness, and digestive issues.

2 Manage or Decrease Pain

Most of us have either experienced acute or chronic pain at some point in our lives. Often, we have relied on over-the-counter or prescription pain relief medications. But, the healing techniques of massage therapy offer us a natural, holistic solution.

Many types of pain can be reduced or managed with massage therapy, especially consistent massage therapy. Massage therapy helps to promote the release of serotonin, which helps to reduce pain as well as increase restful sleep. Sleep is an essential factor in pain management.

Massage therapy also helps to increase the range of motion in joints. The ability of joints to have improved range of motion enables us to exercise more which is also helpful in pain management and restorative sleep.

3 Manage Blood Pressure

pain can contribute to many health issues, particularly cardiovascular disease. Consistent massage therapy techniques can help lower blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic levels.

chronic pain

4 Better, More Restful Sleep

Sufficient sleep is necessary for us to function properly in every area of our lives. Often, a good night’s sleep is elusive. Night after night of fitful sleep or complete insomnia can cause a myriad of health and mental problems, from pain to anxiety or depression.

The healing techniques of massage therapy can be specifically designed to help you sleep better. Massage therapy helps to release serotonin to increase your time in the restorative deep sleep cycle.

5 Boosts Your Immune System

The healing techniques for massage therapy have also been shown to boost your immune system. Massage therapy stimulates the lymph nodes which help to boost your immunity naturally.

6 Improves Your Circulatory System

Massage therapy helps to increase the blood flow in your body. Increased blood flow and circulation can help you to feel more energized and breathe better, as well as assisting all of your organs as they obtain blood more quickly and efficiently.

Massage Therapy at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists

We offer many different healing techniques for massage therapy in Garden City, MI to help boost your health routine. Massage therapy techniques are a natural, holistic and medical approach to combating many health problems.

From treating chronic pain and insomnia, reducing stress and blood pressure to many, many more ailments, massage therapy is a restful treatment. You will gain benefit from one massage therapy treatment and feel the effects for long after.

Even better, make the healing techniques of massage therapy a regular part of your health routine for even more, longer lasting benefits.