5 Signs You May Have Sciatica

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Every day, millions of people suffer from pain due to the effects of a condition known as sciatica. A sciatica chiropractor can tell you that sciatica refers to a common type of pain felt in the lower back and surrounding areas. This usually happens because of tension or pressure on the sciatic nerve, a long nerve that runs from the lower back area through the legs.

Because this pain is widespread in adults, you should also know which signs to look for. The more aware of the symptoms you are, the faster you can get chiropractic help for this ailment. Here are five signs you may have sciatica.

1. Lower Back Pain

One of the most common pains associated with sciatica is pain felt in the lower back area. This pain can vary in the exact location along the sciatic nerve but is generally found in the areas of the lower back, buttocks, and back of the leg regions. The intensity of the pain is also something that varies. Some people experience very sharp pains throughout this area that are worsened by long periods of sitting, while others feel a dull pain throughout the day that doesn’t get better or worse. Both these types of pain may point to sciatica.

2. Shooting Pain

Sciatica can also be experienced in the form of a shooting pain throughout the legs that makes it difficult to stand up. Though the sciatic nerve runs primarily in the lower back area, it also has small branches that run along the back of the legs. This means any tension felt on the nerve can travel all along this region and lead to difficulty in standing.

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3. Constant Numbness

If you experience constant numbness in your legs, it may point to sciatica. Because the sciatic nerve functions like any other nerve, it’s very sensitive to pressure and tension from nearby muscles and bones. If there’s any excessive pressure on it, pain and numbness due to the pinched nerve can be felt anywhere this nerve reaches. Having a foot or part of your leg fall asleep or feel numb because you sat on it for too long is normal, but constantly experiencing this numb feeling points to something more serious.

4. Constant Pain on One Side

Another prevalent symptom of sciatica is experiencing pain on only one side of the lower body. This could be on one leg or one foot, but it’s all the same. If you feel a constant pain that just won’t go away on only one side of the lower half of your body, it may be time to see a sciatica chiropractor to diagnose whether this condition is present.

5. Feelings of Burning

Another set of symptoms that point to this condition is if you feel constant burning or tingling in your lower body. Similarly, people who suffer from sciatica also complain of feeling a type of shock or jolt that pulls through their lower body. All these feelings point to sciatica.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have the condition is best decided by your trained chiropractor. Not only can your chiropractor help identify the underlying causes of your pain, but they can also perform muscle and bone realignment, as well as deep tissue massages to remedy and prevent further pain.