4 Common Injuries Massage Therapy Can Heal

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Due to the pressure demands of today’s workplaces, employees often have to work in uncomfortable positions or stand on their feet for long hours. All of this takes a toll on one’s body and can cause injuries.

Healing techniques for massage therapy can aid faster recovery of these injuries by elongating the tissues, decomposing scar tissue and enhancing blood circulation. Therefore, a massage therapist provides much more than mere “hands on” care. Let’s take a look at some of the common injuries that massage therapy can help out with.

 Injuries Massage Therapy

1. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

For people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, this is an extremely common injury. Overuse of various body areas can lead to RSI. These body parts include but are not limited to the soft tissues of your shoulders, neck, arms, hands, and back. If you are constantly confronting a computer every day and using a mouse with your hands, you are likely to experience tightness, numbness, and tingling in the neck, hands and various other body parts.

To diminish the risk of RSI, you should have a loose grip on your office tools and utilize ergonomic equipment where possible. Moreover, taking short breaks at regular intervals from your work will also help.

However, if you already suffer from RSI, contact a massage therapist who will be able to help you with this problem. For example, if you are based in Michigan, you can seek a therapist who knows healing techniques for massage therapy in MI.

Lower Back Pain

2. Lower Back Pain

As the majority of the working population is employed in desk based jobs in offices, lower back pain is a common occurrence among this segment. When you are sitting on your office chair, you are exerting pressure and causing strain to your back muscles and spinal cord. This pressure becomes worse if you fail to keep a healthy posture and end up slouching.

To counter the onset of lower back pain, an ergonomic chair should be used which can be adjusted to your height and body shape. A standing or sit-stand desk can also be advantageous in this regard. It would also be helpful to consult a massage therapist in this regard.

 Injuries of Soft Tissues

3. Injuries of Soft Tissues

These injuries pertain to injuries of the soft tissue rather than the bone. Ligament sprains, muscular strain, and tendon injuries are a few examples in this area. Exercising, playing sports and intense physical activity can cause injuries to soft tissues.

If you are suffering from a soft tissue injury, you should seek medical help promptly to avoid further damage. In the meantime, you should take rest and apply ice to the affected area to reduce inflammation. While massage therapy may be detrimental to the injured area directly, you can ask the therapist to massage you in the surrounding areas which will be beneficial.

4. Muscular Neck Pain

Constant strain, sports, poor posture, and sleep positioning can cause muscular neck pain. This can ultimately disrupt your daily life and decrease its quality.

A therapist can employ healing techniques for massage therapy such as deep tissue massage to overcome this pain.

Heal Yourself with Remedial Massage Since our musculoskeletal structures are prone to injury due to our current lifestyles, it is important to recover from these injuries. Massage therapy by a professional can help you in getting relief from this pain and can also prevent it from recurring in future.