4 Benefits of Muscle Stimulation Therapy

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Muscle stimulation therapy is an increasingly popular treatment for the management of muscle pain and strain, reduction of pain and inflammation, and muscular tissue recovery and regeneration.

By gently stimulating the muscles with a small electrical current, the muscles can relax and reduce their degree of contraction and pain.

If you are wondering if muscle stimulation therapy could help you, these are three of the most common physical health benefits experienced by people who use this therapy.

1) Decreased Pain

The reason most people initially seek electric muscle stimulation (EMS) therapy is because they have pain that is unrelieved by traditional methods of pharmacological or non-pharmacological pain management such as applying heat or massage. EMS can be used in tandem with traditional holistic pain management remedies to help alleviate pain.

Electrical muscle stimulation therapy can release pain and muscle stiffness and soreness and nerve pain that is stored in the muscles and connective tissues. Clients report pain relief with as little as one electrical stimulation therapy treatment. Periodic, ongoing treatment is recommended to maintain ongoing pain relief and improved comfort.

Muscle Stimulation Therapy

2) Increased Mobility and Increased Range of Motion

Because it works so well to prevent and reduce pain and promote comfort, transcutaneous electrical stimulation therapy is highly effective in helping increase range of motion in joints and muscle tissues.

Most people who have a limited range of motion do so because they experience a great deal of pain with movement. Treating the pain removes the primary barrier to increased mobility and range of motion and can restore many clients to a pre-injury state where they can engage in all the activities they would have been able to previously.

If you wish you could swim, hike, or even simply effectively function in your job like you did in the past; then electrical muscle stimulation therapy may be an ideal treatment for you.

3) Strengthen and Tone Muscles

It is not uncommon to have clients request electrical muscle stimulation because they want to make their muscles stronger and more effective for everyday activity.

The stimulation provided through electrical muscle stimulation therapy causes the muscles to contract and work hard. It is these movements where the muscles are being actively used that cause the muscles to become bigger and stronger as well as increasing muscle tone.

These benefits are especially appreciated by amateur and professional athletes, who can run faster, lift heavier, and perform better in their respective activities. In fact, many professional athletes use electrical muscle stimulation to aid in recovery after training and enhance muscle growth.

EMS is also an effective treatment for rehabilitation after surgery or for patients who have lost some functionality in atrophied muscles.

4) Reduce Inflammation

Muscle inflammation is a problem that can cause pain, stiffness, and soreness as well as damage to the muscles and other tissues. Inflammation is usually a localized phenomenon that results in redness, swelling, and pain to the affected tissues.

A reduction in inflammation makes it easier to move in comfort and without pain or damage to the body.