20 Ways to Cope with a Colicky Baby

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Colicky Baby

When your wee little one is wailing, it can be hard to think straight. Coping with your colicky crying cutie can be hard.

If you need colicky baby remedies to help soothe your crying baby, we have listed 20 different methods for both baby and mom (or dad!) to help cope.

These methods are a mix of hands-on approaches you can use with your baby and soothing or sanity-saving routines for yourself. These methods generally help at the moment; a trained professional can help you find the right colicky baby remedies for long-term solutions.


Practice the swaddling technique they taught you at the hospital when your cutie was calm and sleepy.

Switch position

Try a new position for yourself and your baby. Just like all those times you tossed and turned trying to get comfortable at the peak of pregnancy, finding the right position can make a world of difference.


Experts say that making a steady shushing sound reminds your infant of the rush of fluids they heard while in the womb.


Like shushing, humming can help soothe both you and your infant. Hum with your infant on your chest so they can feel the sound vibrate through their body.


Sway from side-to-side while holding your baby upright. Alternately, you can hold your baby cradled in your arms in front of you and sway them side-to-side.


Try using a swing to offer a variety of soothing movements.


Bounce with a baby on an exercise ball or by rising and down on your toes. This move might be messy after eating, so don’t forget your burp cloth!


Pace back and forth down a hallway or your driveway. The monotony might help calm you both.

Pat & circle

Try putting your baby’s bottom while rubbing circles on their back with the opposite hand. Try the opposite. The challenge might help distract you while the movement aims to soothe and calm them.

Ooh, shiny

Sometimes, a distraction can act like a short time-out from crying. Your baby’s eyes are quickly developing in the early days, but bright lights are usually a hit. Try a flashlight in a dark room or under the covers.


Sing a classic lullaby or find soothing ones to play while you hum along. If all else fails, make something up by singing about what you are doing.

Go for a walk or jog

Get out of the house, with or without your baby. Fresh air and a brisk pace can help clear the cobwebs that come from being stuck in the house.

Drive around

Take your baby for a car ride! Some parents swear by the magic of a car seat in a moving vehicle.

Bath time

A warm bath can be good for baby and mom. Take one together or get some calming alone time.


Find a forum or local mom’s group and chat about crying babies. It helps more than you might think. You can also commiserate with your baby: shed a few tears yourself.

Count to ten

Try counting slowly and calmly out loud. You can count while trying a new method, like bouncing on your feet, before trying something else.


Ask your partner, relative, or a caregiver to hold your baby, even for just a few minutes so that you can reset.

Floor time

Babies can’t fall off the floor! If you need a break, you can set your baby down on an activity mat on their backs.

Take a breath

Try deep breathing techniques. The increased oxygen can help recharge you.

Get help

These colicky baby remedies may or may not help. Getting help from a trained professional might be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. A chiropractor can offer hands-on care and teach you techniques to try at home to soothe your baby.