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wuji_chlorella.jpg                                                       Wuji Chlorella is a whole food for the entire family.  Chlorella is a single-cell fresh water algae.  Chlorella pyrenoidosa healing properties are due to its high content of cholorophyll, sporopollenin, and chorella growth factor.  Chorella is extremely high in vitamins, minerals and protein; such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosperous, B vitamins, Bitoin, inositol, folic acid, vitamin C, E, K, and RND/DNA.

Chlorella is also good for children.  It has been shown to promote growth and strengthen the immune system. 


Health Benefits of Chlorella are:

1. Improves energy levels

2. Powerful body detoxifier

3. Aids proper digestion

4. Strengthens immune system

5. Improves body pH

6. Promotes healthy weight loss

7. Helpful in anti-aging

8. Promotes cardio vascular health

9. Natiral heavy metal detoxifier

10. Aids constipation

11. Promotes brain wellness

12. Helpful for joint and muscle health

13. Aids breath

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